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OLO – The Brand

OLO (Original. Love Life. Outsmart): An embodiment of forward thinking, smart functionality and style.

The OLO brand of smart "patent pending" wristband sanitizer pouches fits any style and makes access to hygiene easy. The smart wristband sanitizer pouches is ideal for people with an active lifestyle, you just fill up and go!

Because conventional hand sanitizer, due to the nature it is stored and reached for, promotes the spread of harmful germs and bacteria, you can trust the OLO wristband sanitizer to help keep you safe and Germfree.

Designed as a colorful strap band, the wristband sanitizer comes in a variety of colors, made with rubber and silicone, the strap band is refillable, straps firmly to your wrist and dispenses the perfect amount of hand sanitizer quickly, cleanly, and easily. You can fill the OLO Band with your preferred sanitizer and always have it on hand – literally. Simply open the pod, fill, and go. The pod dispenses hand sanitizer on the back of your hand so you are able to do all daily tasks.

OLO …designed for functionality

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