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Good health for a happier world 

Our world is shaped by the choices we make every day. We all have the power to make a positive impact with our choices. 

Our mission is to make smart, thoughtful choices - like healthy hand hygiene - easy for everyone.

The idea for our first innovation, the Olo Band sanitizer wristband, came from a frustrating realization made by founder - New York chef and restauranteur - Mogan Anthony.

Hand sanitizer is inconvenient and impractical for everyday use.

We sought to change that. 

Our unique, patent pending solution is designed to fit into your active, healthy lifestyle. The Olo Band's refillable pod also helps reduce plastic waste. When you wear an Olo Band, you are helping to promote good, healthy hygiene habits in the community. When you practice good hygiene, you show others that you care. 

Our team was brought together by our belief in the power of innovation to create positive change as well as our shared commitment to supporting our neighbors, particularly those most vulnerable. 

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