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Featured in Thrive Global: How a New York Restaurateur is Helping to Save Lives During COVID

By Matt Hoffman

Olo Band Hand Sanitizer Wristband

Originally published in Thrive Global by 


As the COVID-19 pandemic effortlessly spreads across the globe, it has been stretching healthcare sectors to their limits and forcing governments and healthcare institutions to rethink the strategies for delivering their services.

As the dreadful virus ravaged the world, all but essential services were closed. The world stayed in, trying to stay safe. Businesses, including restaurants, had to close down and as it was across the hospitality industry, many lost their jobs.


I was opportune to have a quick interview with a New York-based restaurateur, Mogan Anthony.


Mogan’s restaurant wasn’t spared, as he had to close down his small neighborhood restaurant group in Westchester, New York.


But with challenges comes ingenuity.


In the fight to curb the wide-spread of the virus, Mogan discovered a smart new way to use hand sanitizers. While maintaining good hygiene has been at the core of the restaurant industry, the challenge of the coronavirus raised the bar a notch higher.

The need to keep safe and stay Germfree led us to develop a smart new way to use sanitizers. Firstly, the idea was for us to use it in-house as we worked out ways to deal with the virus, but seeing the needs of others, we decided to launch the product into the mainstream market,

said Mogan.


Using a hand sanitizer may be necessary when you’re riding public transportation, have shaken hands or touched an animal, after you’ve touched a grocery cart, and so more.
Traditionally, sanitizers come in bottles of different sizes which are not very convenient to carry around or use on the go. Mogan’s discovery will make it possible for sanitizers to be worn just like a band on the wrist while being carried around and used anywhere.
The idea is for all to have access to a smart sanitizer pouch that reduces the incidence of contracting harmful germs while reaching for the conventional sanitizers,”
Mogan added. With the constant news of new COVID cases every day, it’s important to observe safety precautions and wash your hands always.


Originally published in Thrive Global 

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